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Wowo Water Secret Shower Gel

RM 72.00

Wowo Water Secret - One Last Drop Shower Gel (380ml) 

Great for the whole family, pregnant & breastfeeding women and even babies. Shower gel is boiled and cooled down before bottled, thus pure and non greasy texture. Long lasting Almond smell - sweet and pure. 


1. Almond oil (Whitening effect, restores skin's PH level, cleanses, moisturises & hydrates our skin) 

2. Hydrolyzed Elastin (Anti-sagging, anti-wrinkles, skin tightening). 

3. Olive oil (Glossy & Shiny skin, most suitable for nutritional, whitening effect) 

4. Jojoba oil (Nourishes, moisturises,anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, for all skin types especially Dry, Rough, Dull, Oily, Eczema skin)


Dispel and detox body's extra salt, secretions and dirt. Moisturises and hydrates skin. Anti-aging, skin firming, anti-wrinkles, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, oil control, whitening and scent lasting!