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Moshu Bird Nest Collagen Jelly

RM 172.00

The main function of collagen is to tighten and firm our skin. Collagen also restores the elasticity of our skin. Bird Nest Collagen Jelly  is made up of collagen and bird nest peptide, will increases our body’s absorption and clear our bowel system too. Collagen can help burn fat (catabolism)! After dinner, take a packet of collagen bird's nest jelly can increases the process of catabolism and prolong burning of more fats. Collagen repair cells will involve a large amount of heat which also break down fat particles. With the combination of bird nest improving our skin condition and collagen efficacies, Bird Nest Collagen Jelly will be your perfect choice to health and body.

Main Ingredients:
- Deep Sea Fish Collagen Peptide Extract which is a lot smaller than collagen molecules and can be fully absorbed into the body.  This type of fish has the best quality of collagen. No pollution, no addictive, purity. It can lock moisture deep into our skin.
- High Quality Indonesia Birdnest which are of higher quality and lesser residue.
- Soybean peptide powder, wolfberry, Konjac Flour and Ejiao that are good for the body and even have medicinal properties.

Suitable For:
- Working adults who sleep late, stress, fatigue, yellowish skin.
- People who experience aging symptoms on skin. Saggy, dehydrated skin, wrinkles due to lifestyle, outdoor activities UV exposure, age and endocrine disorders.
- People with lots of pigmentation

- Anti Aging
- Moisturizing
- Skin Elasticity
- Brightening
- Reduces redness of skin
- Breast Enlargement (Firming)
- General health wellness especially females